Need more training hours?

If you are you located in Cherokee, DeKalb, Jackson, or Marshall Counties Professional Study Kits are available for check-out!

Current Kits:

  • “Transitions without Tears” – 2 Hours; DHR: CD, PDG, QCCL
  • “Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome” – 1 Hour; DHR: CD, HSUP, PDG
  • “Reading Aloud with Children” – 2 Hours; DHR: CD, LD
  • “The Writing Center” – 2 Hours; DHR: CD, LD
  • “Nurturing Responsible Behavior” – 2 Hours; DHR: CD, PDG
  • “Building a Prevention Strategy for Behavior” – 2 Hours: DHR: CD, PDG
  • “Program Management for Home Care Providers” – 2 Hours: DHR: CD, CCPF, AM
  • “Early Language Development, Parts 1 and 2” – 2 Hours: DHR: CD, LD NEW
  • Classroom Management – 2 Hours: DHR: PDG, CCPF
  • “Language Development” – 1 Hour: DHR: CD, LD
  • “Positive Discipline and Child Guidance” – 1 Hour: DHR: CD, PDG
  • “Toddler Play and Toddler Emotions” – 1 Hour: DHR: CD, CCPF
  • “The Importance of Math in the Early Years” – 1 Hour: DHR: CD NEW
  • “Block Play” – 1 Hour: DHR: CD, QCCL NEW
  • “Brain Development: Babies are Born Learning” – 1 Hour: DHR: HSUP, CD NEW
  • “Creating Positive Relationships with Children” – 1 Hour: DHR: CD, QCCL NEW
  • “Children’s Learning Styles” – 1 Hour: DHR: CD, CCPF NEW
  • “Responsibilities of a Child Care Director” – 2 Hours: AM

  • “Management Tips for your Child Care Center” – 2 Hours: AM

  • “Right from Birth” – 12 Hours; DHR: CD, HSUP, LD, QCCL, PDG, CCPF
  • “Going to School” – 10 Hours; DHR: CD; HSUP; QCCL; CCPF; LD; PDG

Each kit contains instructions, study materials, worksheets, and videos, and will be delivered to your facility. You may request as many sets of materials as you need for your staff. Training certificates will be issued when the kit and completed worksheets are picked up. “Right from Birth” certificates and “Going to School” certificates will be mailed from Alabama Public Television.

* We cannot deliver kits to child care providers outside Cherokee, DeKalb, Jackson, or Marshall Counties. However, you are welcome to sign up for any of our on-demand online classes.

To reserve your Kit, call Judy Davidson at (256) 845-8238; or email Judy.